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Archaeo-Physics, LLC is a consulting firm specializing in subsurface imaging of archaeological sites. We perform geophysical surveys to produce high-resolution maps of archaeological features, artifacts, and other patterning.

We use a variety of geophysical survey technologies, including magnetometry, electrical resistance, ground penetrating radar, electromagnetic conductivity, magnetic susceptibility, and LiDAR data processing and analysis. Subsurface mapping can guide excavation, reducing costs and maximizing the recovery of useful data. Because geophysical survey is non-invasive, it is an important tool for research and preservation on culturally sensitive or protected sites. In either case, geophysical methods can map patterning that may not be apparent in excavation on a site-wide scale and without disturbance.

Our staff has extensive experience performing geophysical surveys of archaeological sites in all regions of the United States and many locations throughout the world. In addition to serving as consultants to professional archaeologists, Archaeo-Physics maintains a strong commitment to education. Our staff engages in instruction and survey at field schools and public archaeology projects. We strive to disseminate the results of our work through publication, and online and public presentations.

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Featured case study: The Eastview Site
An excavation plan map from a burned house feature dating to 1350 A.D. is compared with non-invasive geophysical data from the site. The house was discovered during a large-area magnetic reconnaissance survey and was susquently targeted during a very high-resolution electrical resistance investigation. The resistance survey utilized both twin-probe and square array array configurations, and was designed to measure the resistivity response to three different maximum depths below surface (33, 50, and 71 cm) across multiple current pathways. more >>

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Advances & Benefits of Geophysical Methods by Kenneth L. Kvamme, Archeo-Imaging Lab, University of Arkansas.
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