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Case Study

Falling Creek Ironworks

Ground Penetrating Radar Survey

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The top image is a composite of GPR data collected along the northern edge of the roadway between E10 and E60 presented as a two-dimensional profile plot with a graph representing the average down-the-trace variance. The bottom image shows magnetic survey data for comparison.

Ground pnetrating radar (GPR) plofile plot with variance analysis

The gray line in the variance plot represents the average variance within each trace between 0.5 and 3 metres estimated depth (trace interval interpolated to 0.2 metres)

The black line represents the average variance within a moving window of 2 metres.


Location of GRP profile overlaid on magnetic data


A single area of interest was identified in the GPR survay data, as well as anomalies that are not believed to be of interest:

1. The region between E25 and E30 is characterized by high variance, with strong reflections and peaks in variance at E31 and E38. A large bipolar magnetic anomaly is centered at N18/E28, which falls within this anomalous area. GPR data collected from the southern edge of the roadway (not shown) shows a similar response in this region.

2. High variance at the beginning of this plot (E10) may be caused by a bedrock outcrop near the surface beneath the roadway.

3. The large inverted hyperbolic event located at E44 is caused by the drainage culvert that runs under the road from north to south.

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