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Gladstone Shops of the St. Paul and Duluth R.R.

450 MHz GPR survey in progress at Gladstone Savanna
GPR survey in progress over the Gladstone roundhouse

A ground penetrating radar (GPR) survey and light detection and ranging (LiDAR) analysis of an historic railroad roundhouse (ca. 1897) and associated shops was conducted during the summer of 2012. The survey was undertaken during Phase 1A of the development of Gladstone Savanna Neighborhood Preserve and Gloster Park. This site is located at the southwest corner of Frost Avenue and English Street in Maplewood, Minnesota. The planned park integrates the site’s railroad history, soil remediation, stormwater management, natural resources, and passive and active (playground) recreation. The park master plan may be viewed here (gladstone master plan).

The primary objective of the investigation was to assess the integrity of the buried archaeological resources prior to potential impacts to the site associated with remediation of contaminated soils and grading.

LiDAR point cloud data were processed using LAStools by Martin Isenburg.




Figure 1: LiDAR data with GPR survey results from 73 cm below surface.

Figure 2: Detail image depicting the average amplitude depth slice from 73 cm below surface with 30 meter grid overlay.

gladstone roundhouse

Figure 3: Interactive GPR depth slice animation.

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Figure 4: GPR survey in progress over the roundhouse. This portion of the site had been recently cleared of forest cover.

download GPR images in PNG format by clicking here.

On November 4, 2008 Minnesotans approved through referendum the Clean Water, Land, and Legacy Amendment to add Article XI to the Minnesota State Constitution. The amendment raised the state’s sales and use taxes 0.375% to fund programs meant to “restore, protect and enhance” wilderness lands, wildlife, water quality, state parks and trails, arts, arts education, arts access, and to preserve Minnesota’s history and cultural heritage. This research project is funded by a Historical and Cultural Grant from the Minnesota Legacy Amendment. more>>


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