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LiDAR Analysis at Five Northeastern Plains Village Sites

This brief case study examines LiDAR data from five Northeastern Plains Village Complex (NEPV) sites located in North Dakota and Minnesota. All five of the sites possess ditched enclosures. The results of the study graphically illustrate LiDAR's potential for cost effective mapping and evaluation. Click the thumbnails to view a more detailed version of each image.

Shaded Relief Image of the Biesterfeldt Site located eastern North Dakota. Damage from agricultural plowing is readily apparent over unprotected portions of the site. Sky View Factor (SVF) image of the Shea site located in eastern North Dakota Slope image of the Sprunk site located in eastern North Dakota. Note the two large burial mounds visible north of the enclosure walls.
biesterfeldt LiDAR shea SVF image Sprunk site LiDAR
Shaded relief image of the Shady Dell site located in western Minnesota. Note the circular depressions within the enclosure Shaded relief image of the Bunker Hill site located in western Minnesota.  
shady dell LiDAR Bunker Hill LiDAR  


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