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Case Study

Tell Ahmar (Til Barsib)

Isolated Farmstead

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Tell Ahmar - Magnetic survey of isolated farmstead

Isolated farmstead - interpretations of geophysical data

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This shade plot shows typical features found within a sparsely settled, probably agricultural, zone outside the city wall. Widely scattered one or two room buildings, often with associated walls or other long, linear features characterize this zone. These are thought to represent isolated farmsteads.

Because the soils have a high magnetic susceptibility, small scale topographic variation can produce rather strong anomalies. Irrigation ditches and alternating rows and furrows cause anomalies in this survey area which are often stronger than those associated with ancient architectural features, but can be distinguished by their patterning.

In the smaller image, a two-room building is indicated by yellow lines. The walls appear as linear magnetic lows. Magnetic highs within the two rooms of this building may be associated with organically enriched or fire-altered soils. Linear lows (indicated by blue lines) outside of the building might be associated with farmyard, garden, or courtyard walls. A modern farmstead prevented survey to the south of this area.


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