Archaeo-Physics, LLC is a consulting firm specializing in non-invasive archaeological exploration.

We use geophysical survey and remote sensing for high-resolution subsurface imaging, integrated analysis of archaeological sites and landscapes, cemeteries, and forensics. These techniques can reveal phenomena not otherwise discoverable, and map patterning at scales and level of detail infeasible with conventional methods. This cannot replace traditional approaches, but can vastly expand upon them. When used to guide excavation, the cost of research can be reduced while maximizing the recovery of useful data. Because geophysical and remote sensing are non-invasive, they are important tools for preservation and research on culturally sensitive or protected sites.

Magnetic map of eneolithic (copper age) features in Khazakhstan, including house features, pits, and hearths.

Featured case study: Krasni Yar, a Copper Age Botai Culture settlement in Kazakhstan
Pit houses, hearths, and other features are mapped with magnetic and electrical resistance survey as part of research into the earliest horse domestication.

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